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Le bonheur de vivre (The Joy of Life) is a painting by Henri Matisse. Along with Picasso's Les Demoiselles d'Avignon, Le bonheur de vivre is regarded as one of .
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All people who act are making a difference. That small, to you insignificant act of smiling or saying hello or listening to someone, that act? Just refraining from speaking negatively is an excellent start. Buying a sandwich for someone in need outside a bus station is an excellent act. And asking for help when you need it, as well. A selfless act, big or small always is huge to the person who received it! The beloved of God must be the cause of spreading the Heavenly Love.

They must impart spiritual concord; deal with all men in the utmost sincerity and kindness in accord with the commands and exhortations of the Merciful One. And they must treat all with benevolence. They must render devoted service to the friends, wish prosperity for enemies, show kindness to the bad tempered, and be affectionate toward the unjust. They must become a salutary water to thirsty ones, a swift healing to sick persons, a remedy to the ailing; comfort the minds of those afflicted with calamities; become the light of guidance to the erring, an affectionate guide to the wandering, a seeing eye to the blind, a hearing ear to the deaf, an eternal life to the dead, and an everlasting joy to the dispirited.

Its a beautiful quote presented here.

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Are you then implying that this service you just graced everyone here with was not gratifying to you? Go to a Gurudwara and see it implemented by Sikhs. They have been doing it for past years… In Punjab India most of the migrant laborers are fed by the local Gurudwaras everyday… implementation depends on the will to do it not statistics.

If anyone will happen to be in the central IL area a couple months from now you may want to check this out. Andrew T, I was thinking of sharing this with the Tagore folks. I love that you mentioned the Tagore Festival. I was not familiar with Tagore until my involvement with the Channing-Murray Foundation. Panel 3 and 4 immediately touch my heart.

I love her happy face seeing his happiness eating her samosa. What is samosa anyway? They look delicious…. Hi Retnasih, Samosa is a popular item in Asia region. This is indeed a different perspective on the same poem. No harm in either reading, I realised. A simple message can be as positive as you would like it to be. You just got to be open enough to read it that way.

The Joy of Life

You dont need big government in your lives. That girl recognized that with the Shutdown going on she will have to fill in the gaps caused by the suspension of food stamp program. Private sector to the rescue! They are indeed delicious!

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Thank you for your unique website and for so much inspiration and truth. I love the message of this quote and poster! Hi Gavin, Your cartoon is brilliant as usual. After reading through the comments especially the snarky one , I realized that each of us can offer a samosa to feed someone hungry or some good words to feed their heart. Thanks for this! Thanks again Gavin, it comes at a very apt time of one of the most celebrated festival for the Bengali community Dussehra or Durga Puja when a lot is spent on buying new clothes, donating for religious purpose, etc.

Keep creating! This is such a sweet yet deep quote. Its very simple. I had an example I can share. I saw an old lady and a much older gentleman struggling to bring their luggage to a taxi. Without much thought I asked them if they need help and start carrying some of their luggage.

Simple words with a simple truth, though simple truths are offensive to cynics. People are of a dual nature and this is science — not just philosophy. Everyone is selfish because that is a survival mechanism. But everyone is cooperative because that is, too.


We cooperate because we want to get things done with others, and because instinctively we know that raising the life of all helps ourselves. But our more selfish societies short-circuit our natural balance. A large part of their natural, built-in way of living is being repressed and they cannot function with half a brain, and half a life. I rejoice to hear that thou takest pains with thine art, for in this wonderful new age, art is worship. The more thou strivest to perfect it, the closer wilt thou come to God. That is to say, when thy fingers grasp the paint brush, it is as if thou wert at prayer in the Temple.

133. RABINDRANATH TAGORE: The joy of life

I do pray but I believe service is prayer in action. A great creation Gav.. Service is what simply enlighten the human soul and when we do it with true passion in life we see so many people join us. I read it again and again here.. Hope you will do that soon… it is from his Nobel Prize winning Gitanjali… and the ideas are relevant to any state at any time!! Gavin, very happy to see this quote — I had heard it years ago, and tried to find it again, but I thought it was Rumi or Hafiz, and kept coming up blank.

Gavin, a very wonderful quote. But this seems short with a very less build-up on the comic. I consider the build-ups to be your USP. Better luck next time. Would be expecting a longer comic!

The Joy of Life, - - Henri Matisse -

Rabindranath Thakur Tagore was what the British called his family or Gurudev as he is known is literally worshipped by the Bengali community. Also the sari and the samosa show that you did some research into Indian culture, great job! It is profusely quoted with evidences that perhaps the Nobel Prize was given to Rabindranath Tagore mainly for political reasons.

On the part of Rabindranath Tagore, he started gaining huge popularity only after getting the Nobel Prize. Without the Nobel Prize he could never become so much popular in spite of his literary genius and high value literature. The content chapters of the book are as follows:. Preface 1. Some Introductory Notes 2. British occupation of India and patronage to non- Muslims 3. The influence of Prince Dwarakanath Tagore 5. The influence of Kalidas, Lalon Fakir and D. Roy etc. Vincent van Gogh. Alphonse Mucha. Ode to Joy of Life. Passionate Russia. Magic Sphinx. Pharaoh Egypt. Bordered Bangles. Bracelets Manchettes.

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